Boiler installation

There are three main types of boilers most commonly installed now days all of which are high effiency condensing boilers.

What is condensing boiler

Government legislation stats only high effitency boilers can be installed in England and Wales except under exceptional circumstances. Condensing boilers are the most efficient boilers on the market today; by reusing what would normally be wasted heat through the flue so much so the water vapour turns to liquid.

Type 1 combination boilers

The most obvious diffents with a combination boiler is the hot water is instantaneous from the boiler unlike the other two types of boiler which use a cylinder to store the hot water.
There are several advantages to a combination boiler
No tanks/cylinder in loft or airing cupboards creating space (loft conversion etc :)
Mains pressure delivered to all taps showers etc:
No need for shower pump (quieter system)
Easier installation

Type 2 system boiler

System boilers are designed to heat your home as well as your hot water cylinder, system boilers can be situated any were in the home as they do not require any feed &expansion tank. Many of the major components of the heating and hot water system are built in to the boiler which results in cheaper installation costs. These systems are more efficient than tradional open vented systems.

Type 3 open vented boilers

Open vented boilers are normally associated with cisterns/tanks in the loft and hot water cylinders in the airing cupboard. Although you can replace with another open vented boiler it is more effitent to replace with a system boiler with the benefits above.

Gas safety

When having any gas work done always be sure to use a gas safe engineer as this is a legal and safety requiment, at 1st for plumbing all gas work will be carried out by an up to date gas safe engineer. It is encouraged that people report any bad gas work to gas safe (formally known as corgi)