• boiler control panel
  • radiator valve


What is a Programmer?

To heat your home effectively and effitinly you will need a programme.  A programmer allows you to set your heating and hot water to come on at times to suit you.  Programmers come in a range of models allowing you a basic on/off timer right up to being able to have your heating and hot water on/off at multiple times of day and night, even different times at weekends.
Using the right programmer in conjunction with other heating controls and trv's will save you money.

What is a Room Stat?

A room thermostat allows the user to set a temperature which will be maintained whenever the programme is timed to be on. Room thermostats are available in mechanical and digital forms.

What is a Cylinder Stat?

A cylinder stat senses the water temperate in the cylinder, when the set temperature is reached it will switch of the hot water.  As long as the programme is calling for hot water and the stat has not reached temperature the stat will allow the hot water to come on.

What is a Circulation Pump?

A circulation pump more commonly known as a heating pump, is designed to circulate water round the heating system and the coil in the hot water cylinder.

What is a Motorised Valve?

A motorised valve is used to control the flow of water from the boiler to the hot water and heating circuits. There are several types of motorised valves for a number of domestic and commercial applications.

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