• hot water cylinder
  • water heater


Unvented cylinders are mains pressured hot water storage systems which provide a highly efficient way of storing and distributing hot water. This allows you to receive mains pressured hot water throughout your premises.

Advantages of unvented hot water

  • - Fast filling baths and showers
  • - Balanced hot and cold supplies
  • - They can be cited anywhere in a property
  • - Unvented cylinders heat up quicker than conventional cylinders
  • - No cold water storage cistern in the loft, creating more free space in loft (possibly for - conversion/storage space)
  • - No need for a separate shower or pump, so no noise
  • - Portable drinking water at all taps
  • - No cold water storage cistern/tank so no contamination


An accumulator is a vessel that stores mains cold water at mains pressure allowing multipul taps, showers, baths etc to be run together while helping to maintain high flow rates.

This system is ideal for homes with poor incoming mains supply or several bathrooms. ( highly recommended)

Open Vented Cylinders

Open vented cylinders are low pressure hot water cylinders that are fed from a cold water storage system (normally located in the loft).