Power Flushing

Over the years the build up of sludge is inevitable. This is extremely harmful to your radiators, boiler, pipes, pumps etc. and if left could lead to pin holes in your radiators, boiler breakdowns, pump failures, poor  circulation and many more problems. You will also have higher fuel bills due to the boiler working much harder to heat the system up with the sludge in it.

At 1st for plumbing we have Kamco cf30 power flush machines which are capable of flushing up to 25 radiators over three stories  and with its 0.45 hp motor you can be assured we can clear most problems.

Could my heating system benefit from a power flush?

- Do you have partially or fully cold radiators?
- Do you have to bleed radiators frequently?
- Is your boiler noisy?
- High fuel bills?
- System blockages?
- Is the water a dirty or discoloured?
- Heating pump problems?

If the answer is yes to one or more of these then please contact us at 1st for plumbing for a free power flush quotation

What are the benefits of a power flush

- Increase pump life
- Hotter radiators
- Stop boiler noises
- Reduce hydrogen gas build up which can lead to corrosion and reduced heat output
- Restore system efficiency

What happens after the power flush?

After the power flush we will put an inhibitor in your heating system to pre vent this problem reoccurring again and balance your radiators to get the best out of your system.

power flush