Saniflo come in a number of ranges, for many different applications allowing you to site showers,baths,toilets etc: in places which would normally be a problem.

Waste water enters the macerator/saniflo then is pumped through a small pipe to an existing soil pipe else were in the property, saving you money on running new soil pipes and drainage which is expensive and more disruptive than the use of a macerator/saniflo.

Choosing the right Saniflo

Sanipro-for an en-suit with wc,shower&basin Saniflo-for a wc Sanipack-for a shower with wall hung sanitary ware Sanicompact cisternless ceramic wc with built in macerator pump Sanivite-for complete kitchen or utility room Sanitop-for wash room or toilet and basin Saniplus-for the complete bathroom wc shower basin.