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Most of us enjoy a nice power full shower unfortunately choosing the right type of shower can be complicated. With so many makes and models to choose from power showers, mixer showers, electric showers, and the  assistance of a pump. At 1st for plumbing let us take the stress out of choosing the right shower , contact us and we will be happy to come round and discuss all your requiament and make clear your options.

Electric showers

An electric shower is a unit that use’s mains water to pass through a heating element in the shower to produce hot water, it is totally independent from your hot water cylinder .

It requires a qualified electrician to do the electrics to the relevant current standards, this can be arranged for you by 1st for plumbing (you will then be issued a certificate for all electrical work done)

Electric showers don’t tend to be as powerful as power-showers or pumped showers but are an excellent option if your boiler or immersion heater break down , you know you can still use your electric shower.

Power showers

Power shower’s are mixer showers with an integral pump built into the unit. These units are fed by your hot water cylinder and your cold water storage tank in the loft.

You should have at least a 50 gallon cold water storage supply if feeding more than just the shower.

It is highly recommended that both hot and cold supplies are independently supplied to the shower.

This shower also requires electrics to be carried out to the latest relevant standards this can be arranged by 1st for plumbing (you will then be issued a certificate for all electrical work done)

Mixer showers

There are two types of mixer showers, thermostatic and manual both of which can require high or low pressure water supplies, you can find this out from the manufactures or if you’re not too sure we will do our very best to find out for you.

Firstly thermostatic mixer showers incorporate a preset thermostat that will sense any major change in temperature and rectify the situation in some showers if one supply is cut off completely the other water supply will cut off preventing the risk of scalding (Highly recommended).

Secondly the manual mixer shower works in the same way as the thermostat mixer shower except there are no safety features (cut off or temperature rectification).

They are piped in the same way so labour costs would be the same, the shower would cost slightly more certainly worth paying the difference if to be used by children, the elderly or disabled people but if possible a worthwhile extra for everyone.

Shower pumps

Shower pumps are generally used for making showers more powerful, they come in a range of pressures to suit, from a standard mixer shower  right up to multiple showers. There are lots of different makes of shower pump out there and we will be happy to recommend a shower pump to suit your application please contact us for a free quotation.