Water Softeners

Many homes suffer the ever annoying hard water (the destroyer of taps, hot water cylinders, washing machines ect:).
The use of a water softener helps to elevate these problems saving you money on having to clean and replace your products prematurely.

Are we in a hard water area?

Generally speaking the south east is a hard water area, the exact degree of water hardness can be obtained from your local water company, they will be able to advise you for your individual postcode address.

Can I afford a water softener?

Water softeners were widely thought to be for the commercial market or the wealthy.  Due to mass marketing and more competition between water softener manufactures the price has fallen to where it is more affordable to a wider range of homes.

Benefits of a water softener:

  • - Saves money on servicing, maintenance and replacement of appliances.
  • - Helps your appliance last longer saving you money.
  • - Reduces the amount of washing powder, shampoos, conditioners etc:.
  • - Can help soften skin helping conditions like eczema.
  • - Bath/shower times are improved due to the nice silky feel from softened water.
  • - Helps keep hair soft and easy to manage.
  • - Does not leave scum round the bath, basin ect: like hard water.


If you are interested in having a water softener fitted then please contact 1st for Plumbing and we will be happy to give you a no obligation free quote.